Sunday 30 August 2015

Hospital Care - What I would Wish For

When Jim Blair, The Nurse Consultant responsible for the care of everyone with a Learning Disability at Great Ormond Street Hospital asked me What Would I Wish For, this is what I said. The one single element of hospital care that would have made all the difference. We once met a wonderful Paediatric Consultant who I will never forget. 

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  1. A very sensitive, inspiring and down to earth piece Yvonne. I hope it will assist the many health professionals who don't address their patients and their families from a human better understand what parents like you need most from the NHS.
    Best wishes, Sharon, Ottawa xox

  2. Thank you Sharon, lovely comments and very much appreciated xxx

  3. Good post, thank you for sharing video as well with us and I do agree nurse consultant is responsible for the care of everyone and that is her core job as well