Monday, 18 February 2013

Adventures with breast cancer: Radiotherapy legacy

Adventures with breast cancer: Radiotherapy legacy: Five whole weeks since I last wrote a post - apologies to all. Lots of reasons, including laptop malfunction and being rushed off my feet co...

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  1. yvonne Newbold!! How very dare you say you are not brave! You are the bravest woman I have ever known.
    I had written a much longer piece than this a moment ago but when i went to preview it, it disappeared. I was basically comparing my problems to a grain of sand on a beach. ..of which I bury my head in. You have problems by the bucket load which you deal with.
    So glad you are going to get a break, God bless Malcom AND Anita! Enjoy.Just back from Southampton from celebrating Charly's hen spa weekend. Was great for change of scenery, not having to cook or clean (mind you, I dont think the cleaners cleaned either lol)and that was spose to be a 5 star!
    Id like to call for coffee and catch up tomorrow if I may? I finish about 3?