Monday, 22 July 2013

Toby and all your goodwill

Since I wrote about Toby yesterday, it's been like there is a tidal wave of love, goodwill, support and prayer really coming straight in Toby's direction, and I can't thank you enough. It feels like we're are being overwhelmed with  a kindness so real that I can almost touch it. If only he could somehow tune into it too, it's certainly powerful enough to wrap him in love and carry him right out of trouble. 

I wrote yesterday just before heading back up to the hospital for a long, difficult evening with Toby, and when I got home at nearly 2 in the morning, it was humbling to realise that, while I'd been cuddling and singing to him to distract them having to put yet another line in, so many people, most of them complete strangers, were caring about us so much. 

I'd love to say that Toby is better, but he isn't, he is still heading straight towards serious trouble. However, there has been one significant and positive change - his medical team have really started pulling out all the stops, and they are proactively trying to find out what's wrong, and as fast as they can. They have also listened intently to my fears and concerns, and they are doing everything and more. It's a race against time now, can they catch Toby before he really falls? 

Maybe Toby hasn't quite picked up on all the love coming his way, but it really feels as if his medical team have done so, and that they are on the same side, everyone working together to pull him back to us.

If you haven't met Toby, here's a video of him at home having a fairly mellow moment with Francesca, his big sister, and Dewayne, who is a very good friend of both Toby and the whole family. This was filmed while I was upstairs in bed following a particularly difficult chemo session last November, and Francesca and Dewayne spent the whole evening trying to distract him because all he really wanted was "Mummy". 

Sorry Dewayne! Sorry Francesca! But just think, you two, wouldn't Toby just love to see himself on the "puta"?!


  1. Hi Yvonne, Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you, Toby and the whole family. Lots of love, Emma

  2. Emma, thank you so much, I'm overwhelmed and humbled by how much people care. It's now all good news - he's turned the corner and home is in sight, thank goodness. Just written a blog post about it xxx