Friday, 22 June 2012

Not a great day

It really hasn't been a fabulously great day today. I knew I wouldn't feel brilliant for a few days following surgery, but I never expected to feel so ill. I feel dizzy, faint, detatched, fuzzy-headed and my ability to talk and follow conversations has just evaporated, which is probably a delightful bonus for my family and friends. I'm never ever lost for words, and usually have an opinion on everything, but joined up speaking is beyond me at the moment. If I'm not having fun talking, I usually really enjoy eating, but I'm not even the tiniest bit hungry either. What I really can't get my head around, though, is that the surgeon, Shylock style, removed a pound of flesh from each of 3 different areas, then I've been 4 days with hardly any food, so how come I've PUT ON half a flipping stone?  On top of everything else, this morning my arm became numb and swollen, and after a worrying chat with the hospital first thing, where I was told that if it got any worse I might have to go back for emergency surgery to put a drain in, I've been really good and rested it virtually completely. I don't do rest very easily. It's boring. I'm used to being in the driving seat and I hate delegating things to everyone else, so I'm not the easiest patient to look after, but the family are being very patient and kind. 

There have been odd good moments though. I must be feeling a bit better because I've managed to make a one-handed cup of tea - from filling the kettle onwards, so that was a bit of excitement. And a lovely lady knocked on the door with a card and chocolates, so I really must get my appetite back quickly. Phone calls and texts from well-wishers are still coming in thick and fast too, which is really supportve, and I spent most of the day with WM, which is always lovely. My brilliant Dad is back tonight to stay over and hold the fort again, his fried eggs on potato cakes yesterday hit the spot completely, and that's been my only proper meal all week. 

My intended recovery plan was to lie under the duvet on the sofa and watch oodles of rubbish telly, then read dozens of badly written novels, but right now, I haven't got the concentration for either which is really frustrating. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to try and wash my hair (one-handed, that should be interesting!), make another cup of tea, and hog the remote control all day, and if I'm really adventurous I might even eat a chocolate or several too.

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