Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The cancer photo-shoot

 Anita came over last night and wielded a camera to capture for posterity my newly acquired eclectic collection of  crazy hats, and she is the only person I've ever met who can take a photo of me that might not frighten small children. They say that cancer changes people, and it has already made me much more confident to be a bit eccentric in a hat-wearing sort of way, and I thought you might like to meet them!

Bright purple, like the lady in the poem
A favourite - but hope I don't look like a lampshade

I love it so much that it deserves 2 photos

Hardly the most flattering - more like Benny from Crossroads

First I bought some turquoise shoes, then found a matching bag, and now I've got the hat..... is there a T-shirt too, I wonder?

This is my "look she's got cancer" hat, and Anita wanted me doing belly-dance moves to match the turban style - or is it because I already have the perfect belly-dance physique?

When you get cancer, you're somehow expected to wear scarves, but the having surgery in both armpits malarkey makes it very difficult to tie them at the back without blindfolding yourself

This one is perfectly ridiculous but beautifully brightly multicoloured, and shows me for what I really am at heart - a Donny Osmond teenybopper

This one really shows off Anita's photographic genius - a naked-headed photo that I'm happy to go public with

 Another purple one but with a Donny O theme again

Next, some photos of the wig, which I'm loving more and more and getting stacks of compliments about. The other day in Tesco I bumped into someone I hadn't seen for over a year, and first thing she says is "Oh Yvonne, your hair looks fabulous!". Now most people would have a little dignity, and say "Thank you, you are most kind". Not me I'm afraid. Instead I went "Ooh, do you really think so, you'll never guess, but it's a WIG! I've got breast cancer!" as though having the BC is the most excitingly marvellous thing that could happen to anyone. I think the whole shop, and maybe even those in the street outside, heard me, and must have thought "She's a totally crazy, unhinged madwoman". A few months ago I'd have wanted the ground to swallow me up in embarrassment, but now, with this new freedom that cancer has somehow given me, I just let my newly-found eccentricity have a little bit of party-fun.   

Back to the wig - can't you just see why I love it! Two pictures of the front this time, and one of the side so you can see just what a fabulous cut they gave it. 


I still haven't had many opportunities to wear it yet, and I'm slowly building up tolerance so that today I managed 3 full hours before it started to get hot and itchy. The one thing that is a bit annoying is that if a stray hair ends up in my eyes, because it's made of nylon it feels as sharp as a needle. It's a small price to pay for having completely hassle-free low-maintenance fabulous hair for the first time ever! 

The last photo turns the table on my lovely, kind, talented, intelligent, witty friend Anita, and isn't she just gorgeous too?! 


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  1. My absolute favourite? Naked head... my goodness you are beautiful.
    The wig is lovely, but I do love you in the purple hat.
    You rock, lady!

    1. Couldn't agree more!!!! Yvonne, you iz gorgeous naaaaaaaaaaked :) xx

  2. Benedicte - thank you, but do you need new glasses?! "Beautiful" is lovely, but a very very kind overstatement! xxx

  3. The wig - as ever - is great but I have to say I like the hat at the bottom (purple with Donny O theme), I think that one is my favourite...What fantastic photos - talk about showing people how to carry cancer and hair loss off with STYLE!!!! xxxx

  4. I agree, the bald head is beautiful and the wig is great! Somehow cancer makes you lose your inhibitions, I find! Good for you, lady!

  5. Helen, thank you, I think you're right about the inhibitions - sounds like you're going through it all to - hope all's well with you. Yvonne xx

  6. love the syrup

    much love


  7. Thank you so much for all your confidence-boosting comments. "M" is that you, Mike? If so, we are long over-due a natter! xx

  8. Your blogs just brighten my day everytime I read them. You are so beautiful with and without the wig. You are also such a strong young women :). -Bri.

  9. Bri, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the blog, and you've made my day by calling me both "young" and "beautiful"! Yvonne